Friday, February 2, 2018

Love to Read?

           I love to read, especially in the evening. One book a week is my desired goal, but usually it's more like one book every two or three weeks and many shorter reads in between. So many things come between my current book and me. But, when I can steal an hour or two, it's such a pleasure to become lost in the world of characters and plots. Historical Fiction and Regency Romances are my favorites, but I also enjoy a good mystery or detective story or a non-fiction self-help book that offers practical advice, wisdom, or positive life lessons. 

    When I read a book that is later made into a movie, I am usually disappointed by the movie version. Despite the  visual representations of the characters, the background music and audio and visual techniques, they never seem to capture the deeper meaning and thought that the author  has painstakingly penned, or that I conjure in my imagination while I am reading. The slower process of reading, over watching the movie version, affords more time to think about the story, to dwell on the adventures, mishaps, romances gone wrong, or the character's emotions, motives, and actions for good or evil. A movie can be forgotten shortly after watching it, but a well-written character or plot can stay with you for days, weeks, even years. 
    I especially enjoy Historical Romance and Historical fiction because I am taken back to exciting past time periods. I love the dress, the mannerisms, and customs during the Regency. I also learn about what it must have been like to live day-to-day in earlier centuries. In my two American Historicals, Of Faith Under Fire, and Hope UnShackled, the first two books of my Redemption Series, I became totally absorbed and enlightened by life during the time of slavery before the Civil War. Writing about the horrors of slavery and the courageous work of abolitionists of the period was at times difficult as well as fascinating. It's hard to imagine  and understand the mind set of slave holders pre-Civil War as well as our government laws and actions. We can learn so much and, hopefully, avoid making the same mistakes or commit the same atrocities by reading the tragic outcomes of ignorance and apathy.
    I am presently writing book three of the Redemption Series, Love at War, and hope to have it ready for publication in the fall.  I would love to hear about your reading habits, what you enjoy reading, your favorite books, or favorite authors. Comment here or meet me on Facebook at
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                                                                                  Happy Reading,  Elaine

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