Monday, August 31, 2015

I Love to look for the Blessings every day!

       How pleasant to have my daughter-in-law, Karen, come visit today. We relaxed on the beach, wiggled our toes in the sand, and talked of family and fun times. We waded into the clear salt water and since it was low tide, we could walk far from shore. The sun shone bright with just a light breeze. Seagulls flew about searching for their dinner. They'd find a crab, fly up in the air and drop the shell on the concrete jetty; fly down, pick it up again and drop it until the shell broke open. Dinner!  It wasn't until we returned to our chairs that I noticed the bag of Skinny Pop Popcorn I had stuffed in my beach bag was gone. I found the clip that held it closed nearby in the sand. I knew who the culprit was without a doubt. Some sneaky seagull snatched it out and dragged it along the shore. They're known for grabbing peanut butter sandwiches from toddlers, chips, pretzels, whatever they can swoop down and steal. We found the bag of popcorn a few yards away. It appeared the culprit wasn't able to open it but it sure looked like the silly bird tried.  

       After a couple of hours we returned back to the house had an easy dinner, one of my husband's favorites. Kielbasa, mashed potatoes, and creamed corn. Oh, and applesauce. Far from dietary or the most nutritious.  I prefer lots of green veggies, chicken or fish, or something Italian, but it was Drew's turn to pick the dinner and he's a meat and potato man.

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        After Karen left, I received a bigger surprise than seagulls stealing my popcorn. My Regency Romance, 
A Convenient Pretense, was released early by Amazon for Kindle. I was surprised because as far as I knew, it wasn't going to be released until September 7th.  Regal Reward, my first Regency, had been released on August 27th. I hoped to have a bit of a breather before promoting another one, but there it was. Live!  

       Now at the end of an eventful and relaxing day, I count my blessings:  A beautiful daughter-in-law to visit with and share the sun and surf.  A new book release, and a happy husband with a full stomach. What more could I ask for?


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