Thursday, July 17, 2014

Last 3 days of Historical Romance Sale

Regal Reward and A Kiss of Promise. Each $2.48 on Amazon.

If you are a poetry lover you might want to check out A Convenient Pretense:

A Poetess spurns love while writing love poetry in Elaine Violette's Regency Romance ebook-
A Convenient Pretense.
Opening lines:
"Foolish is a maiden who sets her heart a flight
with dreams of wedded bliss that surely lead to strife.
She might best consider a single life… ...
At her husband’s beck and call,
if he is even home at all
She shall rue her chosen plight…
as he saunters off into the night.
A visit to his mistress
And he believes it is his right!
So foolish is the maiden who sets her heart a flight." Read more of her poetry.
Available on Amazon:

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