Monday, February 19, 2018

For the Sake of the Lost

For those of us who are sick to death of multiple lives lost by assault weapons freely available, we need to speak out. We need to speak out against elected officials who would rather receive money from the NRA than save innocent lives. We need to speak out against those who think we are trying to take away 2nd amendment rights.

If our forefathers had envisioned assault weapons like the AR-15, I believe these sensible men would have added a caveat: "For public safety,multiple round assault weapons are excluded from freedoms to bear arms and available only as a necessity by those legally trained by America's military defense agencies and used only in combat to defend America's freedom against foreign enemies."

As a mother who knows the grief of losing a child, I am not speaking out too soon after a tragedy. I mourn and pray for each parent, each family member, each friend of those lost in a senseless act.
Don't fear offending! Flood Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and whatever is at your disposal. Our elected officials need to listen to the people and act accordingly and not be ruled by Lobbyists with open wallets who put dollars over deaths.

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